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Feature & Capability Rich Online Qualitative Research Platform

Ready to launch a study and know what you’re looking for? We’ve designed our platform so you can quickly dive in, set your participant screener questions, project requirements, and choose the methodology that is right for your study. With HatchTank, we’re always on and ready to field your asynchronous online qualitative study!

Expert Project Management, Guidance & Programming Services

At first glance, you might think we’re a tech company. But we’re actually research operations experts who use a sophisticated online qualitative research platform. This means we’re experts in getting clients “unstuck”. Need to think through the best tool to get the most meaningful responses from participants? Need a little help programming a question guide or activity instructions? Want proactive updates on response rates? We’ve got your back, and you can talk to a human to get the help you need. 

Recruiting Highly Engaged Qualitative Participants

We care about the quality of the humans who want to participate in your study. Highly engaged qualitative participants for research studies is critical to the success of any project as they are more likely to provide insightful and detailed responses, which can lead to more meaningful findings. In addition, engaged participants are more likely to complete the study, reducing the risk of attrition and ensuring a representative sample. We handle it all!

Our easy to use technology gives you back your most precious resource - time.

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Mary Repole
Epiphany Research and Marketing
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