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See Right Through Us.

We believe superior consumer insights start with a superior relationship with consumers. As with any good relationship, when you have trust, anything is possible.

Introducing the Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights.


The right to understand the data collected.

We gather the purchasing data from receipts that you’ve authorized and consented to. This encompasses uploading receipts through your camera and providing access to chosen accounts. Survey responses you submit are also gathered. On specific occasions, with your permission, we collect your phone’s mobile ID. We always respect your consent and never gather data without it.


The right to comprehend data usage.

Your data primarily contributes to anonymized panel data that aids brands and retailers in understanding generalized consumer shopping patterns. For instance, they can analyze behaviors of urban Millennials, but not your specific actions. This applies similarly to survey data: they can assess attitudes and opinions of urban Millennials without identifying yours. Limited instances involve mobile ID usage; if you’re part of such programs, your mobile ID is anonymized as part of an initial dataset that quantifies behavior.


The right to benefit from your data’s value.

We reward your data participation with incentives. Essentially, you earn more rewards when you choose to share more data—whether it’s through uploading receipts, linking accounts, or completing surveys.


The right to easily opt out anytime.

People’s preferences change, and acting on that change should be simple. Our opt-out options are conveniently accessible. Just a few clicks, and you can choose to be removed.


The right to understand privacy terms easily.

Our aim is to present our privacy policy using clear and straightforward language, avoiding convoluted legal terms.


The right to access or delete your data history anytime.

You can even contact us to request the removal and return of all your data at any point. While it requires effort, our commitment to doing what’s right from the start is unwavering. It’s our standard practice.

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