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In 2003, Shamsu Bhaidani founded FocusForums, a platform for outcomes research. After a decade of learning and evolution, HatchTank was born in 2016, offering the best quantitative and qualitative research options packaged into a flexible, results-oriented platform. For participants, HatchTank is like a social networking site, providing a comfortable space to share their thoughts and opinions. For researchers, the intuitive back end makes getting to the heart of the collected data an easy task.

HatchTank’s unique value proposition lies in its collective of research consultants and software experts who enable research professionals to reimagine online qual. With advanced tools and an intuitive interface, teams can easily conduct online asynchronous research, delivering powerful insights to answer pressing business challenges. From project conception to set up, participant recruitment to fieldwork management, HatchTank offers an enjoyable, seamless, and efficient experience for online qualitative research.

With our tech-enabled and human-supported approach, HatchTank empowers researchers to conduct high-quality qualitative research with ease. Whether it’s for market research, product development, or customer feedback, HatchTank is the go-to platform for anyone looking to conduct insightful, data-driven qualitative research. 


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We Believe in Forward Motion - and Forward Thinking

Everything we do, we are committed to doing better. The needs of our client partners are constantly evolving, so we’re constantly evolving. Our products are continually getting better, and we’re helping to drive client success forward, enabling their visions for better intelligence gathering and innovative inspiration to become a reality.
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Best in Class Technology

Although we are a technology company, we have a clear understanding of and passion for the insights and innovation world. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide the best technological solution for your online market research needs. Our focus lies on our core ability to create and develop, and our primary metric is YOUR success.
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We believe in people, and our attention to creating technology that lets people do their best work is how we show we’re serious in that belief. Whether we’re communicating with a participant providing insight as part of a study, or a researcher trying to uncover new information that leads to new business success, we know that by continuing to better understand the people that use our platform, we’re able to develop the best solutions for market research professionals.

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We Love What We Do

We are fully committed to empowering a team of experts and a culture of people that love what they do. This creates an environment to serve you better as a client and partner, and allows us to maintain the ability to provide you with the top talent in the industry. In short – We love our HatchTankers, and it shows!



Shamsu Bhaidani

VP, Qualitative Research


Kamran Jaffrani

Director of Operations

Amber Dowling

Amber Dowling

Survey Operations Manager

Farryn Aron

Farryn Aron

Research Manager

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Meet Hank!

You have to meet Hank! He’s our friendly and incredibly helpful HatchTank ambassador of goodwill. He’s always there to lend a hand, offer a word of encouragement, or just brighten up your day with his infectious smile and can-do attitude. So, basically, at HatchTank he fits right in.

Let Hank help. He’s a good egg!

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